We are Damian, Dominic and Gary, the Twinadventurers team. Our plan was to motorbike from London,UK to Australia, setting off on May 7, 2002 and to arrive in sunny Sydney, Australia down under in time to celebrate Christmas with family.

Leaving from London, we travelled across France into Germany and into Austria down into Italy. We caught a ferry from the south of Italy to Greece and rode into Turkey, to conclude the first leg of our journey. The second leg of our trip took us into Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal. This part of the journey was the most difficult to plan for, due to the ever changing political situation. We believed it is possible to pass through these countries, as other travellers had recently made successful crossings. Just out of interest the timing of this trip fell between the wars in Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003)

From Nepal the bikes were crated and flown with us across to Bangkok, as Myanmar (Burma) and China are still inaccessible to independent travellers. From Bangkok we travelled in a circular route through Thailand, first to the north and north east before returning back down to the south and the wonderful islands such as Koh Sumui, Phuket and Koh Lampang. Crossing into Malaysia, it took a few weeks to travel from north to south and then we crated and shipped the bikes from Port Klang to Perth, Australia. Here we met up with the Booths' sister, Rulan and her husband, Andy, who now live in Perth. We spent a month in Perth not only waiting for the bikes to arrive but also enjoying some recuperation and doing some necessary maintenance on the bikes. Our final trip was from the west coast to the east coast of Australia arriving in Sydney.

The bikes we used are the Honda Africa Twin XRV 750. These machines are well known for their reliability and have a proven track record of handling a wide variety of conditions, all of which we anticipated to encounter between the UK and Australia. We knew to expect some mechanical challenges along route, but this was one of the hardest aspects to plan for. What was likely to break? What spares should we take? Another difficult task was to choose what to leave behind, but with limited space, we had to take a gamble.

The bikes were modified with many extras to increase the bike's durability and make life in the saddle easier for us. See our Bikes & Equipment page for further details of these modifications.

We carried lightweight camping equipment, as many of our nights were spent out under the stars where and when possible.

A digital camera and a laptop were used to store all the photos along the way. It was a difficult task to keep this website up to date while on the road, but looking back now it was a great idea for all to see and follow our progress.

We hope you enjoyed following our trip through the duration of 2002; it was a year we shall never forget!


Copyright 2001.