About the team

Damian Booth 

Damian at 35, is the eldest Booth brother. Brought up in Zimbabwe, he graduated as a tobacco farmer and worked the land for several years both in Zim and the Transkei. However, the solitary dawn-to-dusk lifestyle of a farmer proved too lonely and he moved to Durban, South Africa, finding himself involved in a very successful roof-thatching business. When not perched high up on a sun-baked rondavel strapping thatch, Damian was consumed by sport. His love for fitness and competition has seen Dam complete 3 Comrades Marathons (that is 89,9kms a pop), 17 standard marathons, a few triathlons (not too many of those due to his 'sink-like-brick' swimming technique); duathlons and countless cycle races in South Africa and around the world. International colours and a professional cycling career allowed Damian to experience the best and worst of making a living with his legs.

Swapping his bicycle for a computer, Damian pursued a new career in IT. Settling in Johannesburg with his wife Karen, they found a home, bought a car or two and all the trimmings that go with 'settling down'.

Enter younger brother Dominic, who while visiting Dam and Kar in Johannesburg, reveals his plans to motorbike across the northern continent in 2002. Would Damian like to join him?

The rest is history, except to say that King Faff, as Damian is affectionately called, will be an invaluable team member. His passion for perfection means this trip will be carefully planned and the bikes in tiptop shape before the day of departure. Damian leaves nothing to chance.


Dominic Booth 

Dominic is 32 and is the designer of this Africa Twin Adventure Dream. Over two years ago he began planning this bike trip which will take him from London to Australia. He thought it up while bumping along in the back of the an ex-Tesco truck, travelling through the desert in Africa. Not afraid of adversity, Dom enjoyed the "stuck-in-the-bush" experiences, relying on sound mechanical knowledge and a bit of savvy to get out of few tricky situations.

The youngest of the Booth boys, Dom took the farming route, spending many a day looking after his herd of dairy cows and administering all kinds of loving care to keep them chewing and producing. His favourite is the artificial insemination procedure, which he preferred to carry out gloveless. When repatriated with family and friends on an occasional holiday, the light green tinge to Dom's entire right arm raised some eyebrows.

Dom has been living in London for over 6 years and has never let the big smoke get him down, knowing it was leading him to something bigger and better. Dom has spent hours plotting and planning this trip; surfing the web, reading up and tinkering with his AT to modify and adapt it for all terrain and conditions.


Gary Nisbet

Gary is the youngest of the group at 28. Also from Rhodesia, his family moved to Pietermaritzburg, South Africa in 1980. He grew up in Pietermaritzburg and was schooled at Maritzburg College. A mean cyclist, with a style not dissimilar to that of a grasshopper, Gary has shared many a day in the saddle with Damian and Dominic on the roads in South Africa. While doing national service in the SA Police, Gary was a victim of a near fatal shooting accident. A willful person, he recovered quickly and returned to the saddle within 3 months. He then went on to represent his province at the highest level.

The Big Smoke attracted Gary to London six years ago where he has done very well for himself. Starting off as Chief Plastic Bag Maker, he is now earning top-dollar as an IT Technician. While this displays a single-minded determination, Gary can be easily distracted, and has committed himself to this expedition as many times as he has withdrawn from it. Gary is a valuable team member and providing there is no female intervention, this will allow him to remain focused on the adventure that lies ahead. With his IT skills, Gary will make an excellent Web Maintenance Officer. (And Chief Bike Washer).


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